Surrounded by talent

I am always blown away by the art that comes out of my friends though I shouldn't be, they are all incredible in their own ways. And thanks to the many ways of documentation and online sharing, I have got to share my dearest buddy's work. We've been friends for nearly forever... high school that is, and after years of living in different cities and states we are finally within 30 minutes of hanging out and I am so stoked. With cameras in hand {he's been known to travel with a backpack filled with cameras and loads of film} Jared is able to capture life's moments at any given time. After perusing his Flickr account I just had to share this shot from the Oakland occupy movement, such wonderful color and contrast. There is just something about film that makes me smile just a little bigger, compared to digital it just feels more 'artsy'. So go check out his work, a few of my favorites are Worlds largest pillow fight, Unintentional MX and Small city.
And, I had no idea these even existed, so glad I scrolled through all Jared's photos because its my husband! The three of us took a morning trip out to ocean beach and had fun shooting the scenery. I love love love these images. The grain is due to the film being underexposed but I think it gives it a very raw and gritty feeling. It somehow captures the morning cold perfectly. Thanks Jared for being such an inspiration, now all I want to do is snap away in my neighborhood. 
photo via jared elizares

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