Growing indoors

The husband and I have been trying our hardest to get our seedlings growing for our community garden and out of the three methods we've tried seems our seeds prefer a good ol' coffee filter. The garden is located at the top of a pretty windy hill and after a few attempts it was pretty clear our seeds were disappearing thanks to animals and wind so starting them indoors was a must and its super easy. We have window sill starter planters that allow it to have a bit of a green house going although turns out they are super easy to kill...we've done it twice thanks to not realizing we needed to take them out of the window on a warm day, they all fried. While we keep an eye on the sensitive guys in dirt we also started a handful of seeds in plain coffee filters {the non bleach ones}. Its as easy as sandwiching the seeds between two and taping them shut, a few days in a zip lock with a few spritzes of water and we have these gorgeous seedlings...these particular ones are mizuna. So go plant a bit of food, your stomach will thank you and you really don't need much room at all...seriously.
The harvesting basket filled with spinach, mustard greens, mint, kale, lettuce, poppies, daises and succulents.
photos by our designed life

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