Metronomy madness

Last week as part of the husbands birthday gift we made it across the city in a torrential downpour to feast our eyes on the creativeness that is Metronomy. And lets just say they did not disappoint. After shaking off pounds of water and wading through a sold out crowd of slightly damp folks, we scored a front row spot right in front of my favoritest band member {Gbenga, the super cool base player} and got our dance on. Now, if you haven't heard of them its ok, as of a year ago I hadn't either but now they are always on my go to list of bands that deserve some round the clock play time. Self described as "a little bit electronic, a little bit guitary", this England born band is crazy addicting.  And love this live and acoustic version of the look, they make it look so darn effortless! I would highly reccomend trying to check them out live, not only do you get a way cool light show but Oscar, the keyboardist is a sight to see just on his own. 

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