Wrapping paper crafting

I've been doing a lot of wrapping lately,  my younger cousin's birthday falls on the oh so dreaded tax day, so I thought I would do a little something special. I've been finding plain ol' wrapping paper is just too boring for me and have a ton of random colored paper so figured I would get a little creative with a clothespin and pencil. While the photo is a little difficult to see {I'm fighting natural light here in SF, turns out we don't get much} I was successful in creating a letter per present. Hope she likes it, its amazing what you can do with a few creative touches.
Over the weekend I gave her her gifts and the first thing she said "oh cool, that means there's 6 presents!" Kids.
photos by our designed life


Sparkle and Co said...

that's a good idea! Now, my son can read letters, I must do that for his next birthday!
Have a nice day!!! x

Monica said...

If he can read then it would be perfect...assuming he doesn't have a long name :) Takes a bit of time, but makes a giant impact while waiting to be opened.