Personal pinatas

I've been working on a little something special for an almost 10 year old and I must say, I was surprised at how well it came out. I've never attempted a small pinata before so making 2 that looked like numbers was a bit intimidating but turned out to be really simple. Its the perfect personal pinata for tabletop smashing. Take a peek below to see how I constructed the numbers.
Since I wanted it to be slightly sturdy but easily breakable, I used 2 pieces of 12x12 cardstock for the number templates. Cut two of each design for front and back. 

I had just gone to Costco a few days before I started and had an empty rice milk box hanging around so I got to cutting for my sides...its always best to reuse items whenever possible. To assemble, I cut the cardboard to size for all the edges and used washi tape to hold everything while I pieced it together. Be sure to leave an opening to fill the pinata.

Once everything was in place, I used strips of duct tape to give it a little sturdiness but left one or two spots that can easily be ripped open...nothing worse then a package of goodies you can't get into.

Once you have the shapes ready to go, fill with all kinds of tiny bits of fun and tape it up.

For the fringe I actually painted white streamers {again, use what you got!} this teal color, the birthday girls fav, and cut into strips. Once you have tons of strips, cut out all the fringe.

Apply the paper to the cardboard with a little tape and you have yourself a handmade pinata made with love. Happy crafting. 
images by our designed life

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christine said...

Great idea Monica...I'm sure the birthday girl and the guests will love it

dela chic