My creative challenge

Every now and then I like to challenge myself by doing something a bit out of the ordinary and slightly difficult. I've taken on my 200 step staircase, 5 reps on up and down and your legs both turn to jello and steel. And turns out I am a pretty decent natural cook, I had no idea but thanks to challenging myself to 2 new recipes a week I've got a slue of tasty bits up my sleeve.
So now I'm challenging myself to be creative. Yep, sounds simple but its the follow through that is having me nervous, I mean, how many projects have you started and then abandoned shortly after finding an even better project? So for the month of June I am going to attempt to be creative in any way, shape or form. Whether its an art project, an organizational tip, a DIY I've been dying to try- if I've wanted to do it, I am. And I'm going to finish each and every one. Hopefully. So welcome to my 30 days of creativeness, I encourage you to push yourself to do something different.
image by our designed life 

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