On repeat: Tune Yards

This week has just flown on by hasn't it? I've been so busy with projects and taking care of our growing garden...seems someone keeps helping themselves to our delicious strawberries. Its sad really, we put all that effort into growing organic food in a community garden at the back of an elementary school and have not been able to eat from our berries for the last 3 weeks! Totally  not fair, guess we are going to have to spend even more money and time to put them under lock and key, sad but apparently necessary. 

But enough of the sad stuff, I thought I would end the week with one of my newest favorites, Tune Yard. The husband introduced me to the unique and almost chant like sounds and now I'm a total fan, I mean, once I found out she used a looping machine to create her music I was glued to her videos and live performances. There is just something about seeing the sounds turn into music right before your eyes and ears. While her videos are colorful and a bit unusual, the best videos are her live shows. Be sure to check out how Merrill Garbus creates each note. It always boggles my mind when I watch musicians like this, so much talent!

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