Kathy Macleod

Lately the husband and I have been spending more and more time searching through comic book stores and while he now has a rather large collection going one thing is very clear. He likes them scary- full of blood, guts, zombies and weird plots. I however like them clever, stylized and often times without words. There is just something about comics that are both fascinating and entertaining I just wish they were longer. And when I came across the funny works of talented Kathy Macleod my eyeballs did a happy dance. Filled with hilarious commentary and story lines, Kathy has a fun outlook for everyday life. These were two of my favorites, I think we can all relate a bit to the whole procrastination strip and that kitty comic, change it to a dog and you have my every day interaction with my adorable Uli.

images via kathy macleod 

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sarah nadine said...

heh heh ... i'm doing that procrastination bit right now!