Shapes, colors and nursery talk

Ever since announcing our upcoming bundle of joy the questions have certainly been flowing from friends and family. Are we finding out the sex? Are we moving to a bigger place? A fully vegan pregnancy, where do you get your protein? What will the nursery look like? Well, the answers are yes, we want to find out if it will be a miss or mister, we will be staying in our 1 bedroom apartment in San Francisco, I get protein from...well...food, and the baby space will be all kinds of geometric. We do have a rather large 1 bedroom, at least for S.F standards and are in the process of designing a special corner just for the little one. And yes, I am fully aware that we are putting baby in a corner, hehe.
When figuring out how we wanted the look to be, the husband and I agreed on a more subdued color palette and lots of shapes mixed with realistic animal prints and photos. And when I came across artist Serena Mitnik Miller over on Refinery 29 my eyes did a little happy dance. I have already planned a geometric fabric panel {similar to the initials we used in our announcement} to cover our stationary closet door but these beautiful water colors from Serena sure do speak to me. There is just something about the lines of color that are both soothing and interesting, I sure hope our little one likes it just as much as I do. As a child I spent many hours coloring in very similar shapes and after seeing these beauties I am more inspired then ever to get back to painting.
images via serena mitnik miller, bottom image found on refinery 29

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Your post is great to read. I was wondering why people have different colors of life but still I participated.