I seriously think when I was skimming the photos of this oreo cake the baby started kicking. For real! Seems all I can think about these days are food; what I should make, what I should eat and just how good every single dessert sounds and this cake from I am baker looks crazy good. With white cake, chocolate covered cherries, butter cream frosting smothered in hot fudge and then packed together with oreo crumbs I not only drooled a little myself the little one started to do its own happy dance. I've had one serious sweet tooth lately- my favorite after dinner snack has been a big glass of orange juice while munching on dark chocolate... preferably simultaneously. If I can figure out how to make a vegan version of this its totally on! You can find the entire tutorial here as well as even more mouth watering pics of one incredibly tasty morsel. Though I warn you, don't check out I am baker on an empty stomach!
image via i am baker

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