Now these are flowers

Wednesday the husband and I celebrated our anniversary with a simply amazing meal at Millennium though I think my favorite part was dessert- a white and dark chocolate mousse almond cake with raspberry and espresso sauce served with a scoop each of fig and almond olive oil ice cream {say what!}. Pure bliss!  Upon arriving I was greeted with these stunning beauties. The husband cleverly arranged for a florist to drop off this incredible bouquet just for me...I didn't get it at first, we walked up I smiled and the hostess said something like they sure are big and smell wonderful. It took a second for it to click that they weren't just table decor and I was indeed going to be making my way home with this giant bouquet- I think I even said something like oh, they are mine to take? haha. He's such a great guy and now they are sitting nice and pretty in my place making it smell oh so fresh. We sure did turn a few heads on the train ride home.
Look at the size of these babies! I had to get the full scale photo just so you could see the massiveness, they are more then half the size of my body. And in case you are wondering why we have a stuffed animal just hanging out its our new baby shelf. Baby already has a fun collection of books going!
images by our designed life

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