Written by a kid

We haven't had cable for a while now and I must say after getting over the whole idea of not having junk tv at my fingertips at any given time its sort of refreshing now. Not only am I choosing more interesting and creative television to explore I've discovered the genius of You Tube episodes. Short, sweet and too the point. One of my favorite channels is Geek & Sundry, totally geeky, somehow fascinating. Who knew I would ever enjoy watching someone play a board game let alone find myself buying said game and totally getting into it at home. And that's when I came across Written by a Kid. Exactly what it sounds like, stories told by kids and brought to life by adults. Its amazing what kids will come up with, my favorite so far is La Munkya, a story about a feisty horse made of paper told by a 6 year old. I've always loved to hear children tell stories and these shorts really bring their quirky stories to life.

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