About Monica

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by. Our designed life was started in 2008 as a visual reminder to stop and take in the inspiration. With a background in design, I find beauty and use in almost anything and love to share my finds. Let's see, a little more about me:

* I am a trained interior designer currently located in foggy San Francisco. Though I have a background in interiors, I like to think I am an all around designer creating not only spaces ranging from high end residential homes, art galleries, museums and high end retail projects and even a few exhibit spaces for good measure. I've also dabbled in indie films and am currently creating design guides for those on a budget; I do the thinking and designing, you do the purchasing.

* In addition to interior design, I've also created logos and product packaging, but my dream would be to design events. There is nothing like being able to make others smile.

* Designing, knitting, crafting, painting, sewing and photography all fill any spare moment I have. I generally do anything I can to nurture the artistic side in me.

* I have a serious weakness for dogs.  Especially my little Uli.

* I married my best friend Evan in September 2009 at the Figueroa Hotel in Los Angeles .  And in 2010, we were lucky enough to be featured in Southern California Brides! The husband and I have been together forever, we were even high school sweethearts!

*I have a huge love for baked vegan goods and haven't met a cupcake I didn't like. I've been known to bake daily and pass along my creations to family and friends who can't believe such sweet goodies could actually be vegan. Spreading the love, one cookie at a time.

Have a question for me? Want a few fun recipes to try out? Need a little help transforming a space from blah to wowza? Trying to create an amazing party but don't have the time to pull it together?  I can help!!

Just drop me a quick line, even if its just to say hi, I just love it when you guys do that! Monica{at}Ourdesignedlife{dot}com