Etsy top 3 Tuesday

Its Tuesday, who is up for a little Etsy love on this fine day?

First up are the lovely illustrations from shop Yumi Yumi Studios.  Artist Aline from Ohio (originally from Brazil) has created some wonderful prints for your viewing pleasure.  Whether you are into finer drawings like these lovely birds below, or you like bright bold color blocks with adorable creatures, there are tons to choose from over at Yumi Yumi Studios.  You can also check out her blog for more creativity and loveliness.

I might just have to get that little chipmunk.  Before I was born, my Mom lovingly asked my cousin what I should be named and she wanted desperately to call me Chipmunk.  My maiden name was Chimpky so yeah, that would have been so much fun in school!  
Next up is sort of a two for one deal, with one crafty owner.  Now that more and more people are getting back on the sending snail mail bandwagon, we simply must have personalized rubber stamp return address labels.  Note Trunk is filled with lovely little designs that can be customized with your personal info to give those plain envelopes a little flair.  And, now that spring is around the corner and weddings are starting to fill every weekend, Sugar Letter supplies you with great kits for making your own invites, save the dates and favor stamps.  If only I had this for my wedding, it would have saved my little hand on writing every single address! 
And rounding out today is the lovely Baffin Bags.  Always on the lookout for containers to put stray odds and ends, Baffin Bags has a wide variety of organizing bins in many different fabrics to give your shelves a little color and pattern all while keeping your knick naks all in one place.  And just in time for Easter, do check out the fun baskets.  Any kid is going to love carrying these little guys around... plus they look way better then those plastic weaved ones we grab on the way out of stores, last minute style.

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