Etsy top 3 Tuesday

My have I been a busy bee lately, I spent almost all day away from a computer yesterday, thus leading to the lack of posting, but I'm back.  And just in time for some great finds from Etsy.

Have you seen Paloma's Nest!?  Designer Caroline Colom Vasquez has been all over the blog, magazine and  television world with her original ring bearer bowl, a perfect accessory for any wedding.  Each are hand crafted and customizable for your own creation, they make for wonderful keepsakes and are made with natural materials.  And what makes this shop even better?  It is powered 100% by renewable wind energy thanks to Texas winds.  The shop is updated often, so stop by, and do check out the blog for studio work, lovely products and creative inspiration.
How adorable are these little bouquet tags!? And it just happens to have the date of my wedding.

Always a fan of detailed patterns, Lucky Bluebird Art has a wonderful collection of prints that will surely please the eye.  Designer Amanda mixes bold patterns with illustrations, what could be better for those dull walls?  These are also perfect in sets creating a focal wall.  Not only are these a great addition to any room, you can also get any print in any color to go with your decor.

And rounding out today are these fabulous coffee sack bags, pillows and baskets from Brin & Nohl. They are perfect for any room and are made with up-cycled materials found locally to creator and shop owner Jody.  The baskets are perfect for magazines, newspapers and small crafting supplies, and would be perfect stashed away into shelving. 

all photos via etsy stores

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