A little felt love

Can I just say how excited I was when I stumbled upon the felted goodness over at Papaververt.  I just love the versatility of felt, its not only colorful, its also practical when done right, and shop owner Patty Benson sure does know her stuff.  With a studio in Oakland CA (another bay area hometown shout out!) Patty has created wonderful accents to fill your home, in just about any color.  Using old school felting techniques, each bowl, vase, pod and pillow are handmade and no two are alike, giving them that made with love feel.  I might just have to convince the husband on a few of her goodies, although I doubt there will be a lot of convincing. You can check out her site, shop through her Etsy store or drop by her blog for wonderful shots on the felting process.

all photos via papaververt

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