Lovely decor inspiration

Time for a little glimpse into some lovely decor.

While white may be a difficult hue to pull off with a family or a four legged friend, I still love it.  With everything white, it gives the illusion of being bigger as well.  And of course, pops of color are a must!  If you are painting a room white, be sure to pick the right color!  There is no such thing as plain white, I find the best to use against artwork is a white with brown/grey undertones.  

Now that spring has sprung, I can't stop looking at images of beautifully and well thought out tabletops.  For your next gathering, why not try something with a color theme and give your eyes a treat.  Fresh florals, place settings and a few candles and glasses and you have yourself a party.

I simply adore over sized mirrors that are placed on the floor.  And the more ornate the frame the better.  Mixing the modern table like this one from Knoll and the traditional style of the frame make this room so enticing.

Now if only I can find a latter that good looking.  A great way to showcase items as well as give an open feeling to a corner.

From the teal and yellow, to the chalkboard and cake stand, this kitchen is so inviting.  Just goes to show you don't have to spend a ton to get a great look.

How fantastic is this bathroom!  The soft white against the slate is the perfect way to give your room a womanly feel yet any man will still feel totally comfortable. I once walked into a clients master bathroom that was, no joke, wall to wall pink carpet with every single wall, closet doors included, in a hot pink stripe wallpaper.  

And last but not least, a perfect way to use a space that would typically collect dust.  Entry ways are often overlooked in the do it yourself design world.  Here, the use of floating shelving gives added storage, because lets face it, who doesn't need extra storage!  I also love the softness of the light charcoal color mixed with the rose tones.

So who's ready to redecorate their place!  I know I want to.

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Teresa said...

Oh wow. That bathroom is divine.