Beautiful inspiration

I don't know about you, but whenever I get free time, I love to click through photo after photo of beautiful interiors, nature and fashion.  There is something so calming in just perusing the beautifulness of a home or garden.  Sometimes its the softness of a white and charming room, other times, the more color the merrier.
Mixing the country charm of white washed floors and dresser with the acrylic accessories and ghost chair simply make me happy.  When people ask what my favorite style is, well, here you go.  

Now this is a lovely child or guest room.  The large pendants create a major focal point for the room and break up all the blue.  Love it!

Now how about some color?  Spring sure is here in this room.  There is something so warm and inviting about this space, color is your friend.

When we were first looking for places in L.A, this was about the size of most of what we were seeing.  Seriously.  I even looked at a place that didn't have a bathroom inside the apartment!  Anyway, this is a great way to use all your possible space.  So many people forget to go vertical when it comes to storage too.

Again with the white washing.  Can't help it, there is just so many beautiful things about it.  With a soft color palette, this room creates a cozy feel with low furniture and pillow cushions as chairs.

Oh exteriors, how they are so often forgotten.  How fantastic is this orange door mixed with the blue walls!  And that iron work at the top, such detail.  By keeping it a lighter color, it gives depth to the front and detail to guests as they walk up.  And speaking of exteriors, this magenta and purple duo sure does pack a punch.  

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