A belated fathers day

I've been having internet problems all week, hence the slow posting.  It seems to be working now, so hopefully I can get back to a regular schedule.  Anyway, in my attempts of getting the computer to respond to anything, I was not able to post my Fathers day post for my dad.  So, here it is a little late.

A note to my dad,

Thank you for always being supportive of me, even when I moved 400 miles away and left my new puppy at home with you.  You are the master of few words, yet still find time to give your little girl a call, even if you are stuck in traffic and its me or the baseball game on the radio.  I have wonderful memories thanks to you and Mom.  Thank you for being a wonderful dad.

Your loving daughter.

My Dad and I on my wedding day last year, I've never seen him smile as big or as often as I did that day. 
photo via shannon renee

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