Design inspiration

I love to browse through interior design portfolios, and Shetter Palevsky Interiors have a fresh and modern touch to their spaces, I just had to share.  Mixing traditional and modern elements, designers Sarah Shetter and Alison Palevsky have a wonderful collection of inspiring images with surprising touches.
What fun architecture, so natural and organic.  I love that they kept the walls a simple white, it really brings out the architecture and gives it a bit of a modern look.  

It took me a minute to figure out what was going on in this picture, but once I did, wow.  This glass floor sure does trick the eye, I wonder what its like to walk over it.  Reminds me of the displays at Prada in Beverly Hills. 


Jen said...

That light in the first picture is my favorite!! Love that glass floor too! Oh how fun that would be.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

If you've ever visited the CN Tower in Toronto you know they have a huge glass floor looking down. People get so freaked out by it and scream and run. I wonder if this homeowner will experience any similar effects?
fun house though!