Purple done oh so right

If you have ever stopped by before, you know my huge love for all things purple, and well, this wedding just has to be gushed about.  Purple is so in (I actually used it as the main color in my wedding last September too!) and adorable couple Jill and Glenn simply rocked it.  From the frames to the impeccable vases and divine dessert bar, this wedding truly looks spectacular.  You can see even more gorgeousness here (along with the amazing vendor info)... trust me, you want to look.
Look at that cake!  I love the look of plain white cakes with great details.  And the flowers on top, simply lovely! 
So I didn't even realize who the bride and groom were until I got to the last photo.  For those who watch Always sunny in Philadelphia, the whole cast was there.  

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Auntie Social said...

I checked out the site, I love her wedding dress! I really like the lace vintage style.