Picnic anyone?

Everyone loves a good picnic, and the brilliant minds over at Boxsal have come up with a super clever and environmentally friendly way to get your grub on.  With 3 different designs to choose from, the Urban picnic, Today's date, and Office escape, each box includes everything you could possibly need.  All made from compost-able materials, not only are you one with mother nature while you munch, you're not going to hurt her afterwards either.  A total win win.  While the plates, bowls and utensils are more on the 'one time use' side, the actual box can be used over and over.  I've been practically begging the husband to go on more picnics, and these would sure be better to carry around then our slew of free tote bags!  And do check out Boxsal's blog for fun picnic tips, recipes and ideas.
via twig and thistle photos via boxsal

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Auntie Social said...

these are super frikkin' cute!