Designed treats

Seems over the last few years, I find myself saying if I would love to go into the baking business.  There is just something about creating a tiny morsel for others to enjoy that makes me grin ear to ear.  I suppose that is why I find myself drooling over decadent sites, and I sure wasn't let down over at I am baker.  Not only are the photos lovely, the recipes are super creative! I've never even thought to use zucchini in a cupcake, but now I'm going to try!
And how creative are these Facebook and Twitter cookies!  Its mixing every girls dream, a wedding announcement, cookies and gossip.  
I think I am going to have to try these fondant cupcakes!  A few of these stacked upon my new dessert stand, yes, I think that will do.
photos via i am baker


carlotta said...

These are amazing! I love the FB and Twitter idea - too cute :)

Beth Dotolo @ Hello, Splendor said...

This is amazing... love this!! So creative!