A full weekend

Don't the weekends just seem to fly by?  They sure do around here.  Friday afternoon, the husband and I took a quick lunch break out on the beach and stumbled upon the set of American Ninja Warrior, a show on G4 geared toward all things difficult.  It was then we found out they were holding "open auditions" on Saturday for all those brave enough.  So there we were Saturday at 7am in line waiting for the husbands chance to plummet into cold water... then we found out they weren't going to take everyone.  A little bummed, but nice and dry, we hung out to watch everyone else try, although I didn't see anyone get even half way through the course.  
Getting our fill of beach goers, we headed home, only to have the husband's fancy French bike brake.  2 miles from the house.  With a $75 estimate for just the chain (seriously, $75!) we discovered Bikerowave, a do it yourself bike shop filled with volunteers and mechanics waiting to help you fix everything yourself!  And, they are all over the country!!  In 3 hours, we had a new chain, new tires and tubes (which I totally took on and off myself!) and a tune up, all for $50.  Beat that fancy bike shops.

Whether you are a beginner biker, like we are, or an experienced speedster, these DIY bike shops will come in handy.  Be sure to check out this list for their locations.  There really is nothing like getting things done yourself.
photo by monica
photo via bikerowave

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