Getting your groove on

Hooray, the internet is back!!  Yesterday our modem decided to completely crash leaving me at mid wedding week with so much more to share.  Guess it will have to trickle into next week, oh darn.  Anyway, I'm finally back and was seriously jonesing for my internet buddies, I'm just tickled to be online again.  Now, on to the wedding loveliness shall we?

Oddly enough, when we were planning our wedding, the hardest thing to come to an agreement on was music.  My husband and I have a very eclectic taste when it comes to getting our groove on, and choosing our 'main songs' (first dance, father-daughter/son-mother dance, etc) we not only had a hard time choosing from our over 3000 songs, we had to keep in mind of the audience.  Nothing like expecting Granny to get down to a little She and Him right?  Wrong.  Not only is most of our hipster music not dance appropriate, we would have been the only ones to even recognize it.  So with that in mind, we set off to find a good balance between what we love and what our families will feel comfortable shaking what their mama's gave em.

And it started with me getting down the aisle.  We found a vintage Flamingo's record when we first started dating, and were soon on the hunt for a working record player.  Eventually we ended up with 2 almost perfect players, and I walked down the aisle to "I only have eyes for you".  As soon as we said I do and turned to walk out, we had an 8 piece Mariachi band play "La Negra" a traditional throw back to my family.  Everyone was super excited as they hadn't seen them sneak in and the mood instantly changed from romantic ceremony to party over here!

For our first dance, the husband and I got close with "Sea of Love" by Cat Power.  We originally heard it from the super popular Juno, which has a fantastic soundtrack.  Such a sweet song.

Not always wanting to be the center of attention (yes, even on our wedding day!) we combined the Father-daughter, Mother-son dance and chose "Devotion" by Earth Wind and Fire.  What can we say, we have old souls... or at least a soul who likes 70s R&B.  The rest of the evening was spent between 70s R&B, a little 90s hip hop (We totally played Warren G's "Regulate"!) and I even threw in some top 40 for good measure... and can I say, there is nothing better then seeing my Aunts and Uncles bob their heads to a little  Lady Gaga.

What did you play, or plan on playing at your wedding?

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