Garden wedding: Ashley and Kirk

When I came across Ashley and Kirk's adorable garden wedding, I knew I had to bookmark it for future inspiring, and what better time then to share for wedding week!  I am just loving looking through wedding photos, even though they are strangers.... there are always more and more beautiful ways to express love.

I first spotted this gem over at lola b's and jumped around the blog sphere for more bits and pieces of this special day, you can check out more here and here too, but these were my favorites.  How fantastic are the blue mason jars paired with the vintage inspired doily's!  Not to mention the lovely peonies.  The bridesmaid dresses were found for under $20 each at Charlotte Russe and they could not be cuter, not to mention a dress the girls may actually wear again.  For their guest book, the couple pre printed each guest's name and filed them alphabetically for them to leave the couple a little love note.  And how cute is that last shot of Ashley in her flats... if only I had planned something like that, my feet were done before the reception even started!

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Auntie Social said...

i LOVE the little card catalog AND the bride's maids dresses. This very much reminds me of a wedding I need to dig up the link to and show you. it's freaking fantastic!