In the garden

Just wanted to quickly stop by, seems I have a million and one things to get done before Palm Springs this weekend, the husband and I are celebrating our 1st year married already!  How was everyones extended weekend?  Ours was spent buying a bike, riding said bike all over town, and gardening.  Lots and lots of gardening.   I snapped a quick shot of our handiwork, was hoping for some sun, but alas, mother nature is picky.  Its still a work in progress and there are still a few things that must be done... like what do we do with that old window pane?  Ideas?

Anyway, with blog posts and invoices to write, laundry to fold, dishes to be washed and a dog that is pouting to go outside in the mud (seriously, have you seen a dog pout!?), today is going to be a long day.

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Bows and Sparrows said...

Have fun on your trip to Palm Springs...and congratulations on your 1-year anniversary!!!