Happy labor day

Happy long weekend friends!  The husband and I have had an incredibly productive weekend and our garden has come alive.  As soon as the sun comes out, I'll be sure to snap a few pics.  On Saturday, we woke up early and took an hour long trip out to Riverside to check out not one but 2 street bikes that were small enough for me (the first time we tried buying one on Craigslist the guy sold it before we got there!) an apparent rarity, and I walked away with this oldie but goody!  Its super small, the dog is a whole 15" tall and incredibly fast, but I love every bit of it.  So, with this extra day off, the husband and I are going to hit the bike trails, last weekend it was 24 miles along the ocean, today, were riding alongside the "river".

What are your plans for the day??
Oh how Uli wishes she could come with us.

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thezenofmaking said...

Congrats on the bikes! I'm also a petite lady, and always have a heck of a time finding an adult frame small enough to fit me. (I finally settled on a Swift Folder, which is amazing!)

I'm spending the day sewing baby gifts and organizing craft supplies.