Treat your feet

Over the weekend the husband and I stopped by the Abbot Kinney festival here in Venice, and boy was it a sight to see.  Along with the already amazing shopping in the brick and mortar shops, the streets were filled with food trucks, handmade goodies and crafts and a never ending line up of bands, who were all blanketed nicely with probably the hottest weather we have had all summer.  Anyway, on our way back to our bikes, we stopped in Steven Alan for a quick peek at their wares (I secretly had my fingers crossed for a pair of shoes I had my eye).  After a disappointing glance at all the giant shoes, the helpful sales guy said he might have one pair in the back that was teeny tiny.

And ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my new favorite pair of shoes!  While they are a smidge too big (being between a 5 1/2 and 6 makes for seriously difficult shoe shopping!!) these Soludos are by far my most comfortable shoes I own, they haven't left my feet since Sunday! And they go with everything! With a jute sole and cotton fabric, these babies sure do pack a punch for your feet... its like walking on a rug all day.  I got a pair of the black and white striped ones, but am seriously considering my next pair.  They may not last as long as say a pair of Toms, but at $24 a piece, its not so bad to buy a few.  Plus, if you buy the pink pair, Soludos will donate 20% of your purchase to Cedars Sanai Women's Cancer research, so go on and spend spend spend!  Your feet will thank me!
photos via soludos

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