Lovely living rooms

Perhaps its because my living room currently looks like this (see below!) I have had a sudden obsession with all things clean and organized.  I'm still wading through piles and piles of stuff I didn't even know I had, and lets just say I cannot wait to be finally moved.  Its been a whirlwind these last few days, and I am both physically and mentally tired.  Aside from packing and cleaning, we also have this weekend of jam packed events, starting with a good bye party, a moving sale, lunch at Native Foods new restaurant in Culver City (I am so beyond bummed we are moving as they just opened a new spot within 5 minutes from here!!) and now a trip out to Long Beach for a roller derby match.  Whew, just typing it makes me tired, and that only leads up to Saturday!  Oh well, guess its time for my mantra:  It will get there.... somehow.
Ok, and with that horrific site burned into your brain, how about a few lovely interiors?  I know I am in desperate need of pretty.  And that little blue stool really should belong to me.
I just love photos that are up close and personal, especially when it comes to furniture.  This sofa is just so good looking it almost hurts.
How fun is that table!  I wonder if the wheels actually move.  I am a big fan of displaying collections, and the odder the better in my book.  As soon as I find space, I am so getting myself an old typewriter.  There is just something so simplistic and beautiful about these old machines.
Ceilings to die for!!  I'm totally loving the use of color and the way they incorporated the long draperies along the brick wall.  Perhaps the only thing I would change is the scale of the furniture, with the high ceiling, it makes these guys look even smaller in proportion.
Sometimes simple really is best.  Keeping all the main pieces and walls white makes for wonderful ways to bring in color with accessories.  Although I would add a little something on that wall above the corner fire place.
Ok, so this one might be my favorite.  From the gorgeous chandelier to the fun yellow painting (or fabric panel) to the rocking ottoman/table and file cabinet side table, this living room is just fantastic!  Oh how I can't wait to get things looking good in our new place!!
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