I'm sort of exhausted

Boy did I have one long weekend.  While there is still quite a bit to pack (seriously, I had no idea I had this much stuff!) the husband and I took a break from cardboard boxes to enjoy a few things L.A had to offer.  Starting with a good bye party on Friday, a pretty successful moving sale Saturday morning followed by an amazing lunch.  We are long time fans of Native Foods and attended their private opening for their new Culver City location, and upon arriving found out our entire meal was totally free!  I love when companies give back to their long time customers!  With full bellies, my husband and I practically waddled out, with our pumpkin cheesecake to go and got a little rest for our night time fun.

Now, I have lived in southern California for 8 years, and have somehow never made it to a roller derby match.  Or is it game?  Either way, a lovely new friend from the Bay Area came down for the Long Beach Roller Derby championships and extended an invite.  Lets just say we jumped at the chance.   Lauren, or better known as Auntie Social, not only got us front row seats, she explained all the ins and outs of the game, its quite simple once you catch on.

If you live near Long Beach, I would highly recommend checking out the next match!!!  I found myself cheering along and even high 5ing the players at the end of the night.   A huge shout out to Auntie Social for being a totally awesome roller derby host!  You can check out a few more shots from the night here too... I even made it into the background... all blurry like.

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