More sweets

Yesterday I decided to bake up batch of cupcakes, because apparently I didn't have enough sweets over the last week. Missing Native Foods like crazy, (seriously, one in Northern CA would be amazing) I pulled out Chef Tanya's Restaurant cookbook and tried out her recipe for Elephant Chocolate Cake.

I got about half way through the recipe before I realized I was short an ingredient.  So I made do and added a few touches here and there, turns out I really need to restock my baking pantry, Christmas wiped me out.  I ended up with delicious moist little cakes, even my meat eating parents liked them.  This recipe also comes with a peanut butter cinnamon topping, which I made, but for some reason, these taste better without it.  Looks like we are going to have fancy PB&J's this week. Oh darn.

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