Up-cycled and gorgeous

I have been on the hunt for a while now for a simple gold band to go with my wedding ring... I opted for a massive antique setting instead of a plain band.  As a gift to me, I was supposed to get a simple band for our 1st anniversary, but that came and went, and we needed new tires, so you know how that goes!  Anyway, I found these babies from Epheriell and at only $35 for these 3, they may just do the trick!  There is just something so simple and delicate about them, I'm thinking the gold one would look fantastic with my wedding ring.  And along with simple round rings, designer Jess from Australia has a wonderful way of creating eye catching pieces for your neckline, ears and hands.  Plus, almost every piece is made from recycled metal, so there was no additional mining involved... love that!!
And what collection wouldn't be complete without an old school name necklace?
photos via epheriell

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