Natural walls

After checking out these modern wallpapers, I was on the lookout for all things paper and came across these beauties from Piet Hein Eek out of Holland.  Scrapwood wallpaper, a remarkably realistic looking paper is not only eco friendly, you can wipe if clean if something happens to spill.  I just love the natural look it takes on, this is a wood paneled wall I can get behind! I can't wait to one day plaster paper all over my walls.


pocketwonders said...

These are definately interesting for walls. The second one is probably the coolest -- it would really make a room look stylish :)

Evan said...

I like this for our 8-track player/fireplace project

Monica said...

@Evan: That was exactly what I was talking about, color/wood style! Glad you like it, now I don't have to do any convincing.