Project 365, Week 15

Last week, in pictures:
Lets play!, 107/365
We went to Del Valle in Livermore with the pup for the day.  Snacks, magazines and watching people capsize kayaks made for one entertaining day.  And of course, Uli needed all kinds of fetch action.
Beautiful Blooms, 106/365
Happy birthday Dakota, 105/365
Today is my younger cousins 8th birthday!  Pulled out my paper stash for a quick wrapping job, ended up with recycled polka dot paper from last years Unique LA.  
Mornings, 104/365
Mornings are my favorite time around here.  How could you not with a face like that looking up at you!
Flowers everywhere, 103/365
Railroad Revival, 102/365
Got the tickets for the Railroad Revival tour next week!  Cannot wait to see the show.
Panama Red, 101/365
You can see the rest of the growing project here!

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