Easter crafts, twine covered eggs

Aside from the Easter crafting I have been doing for the kids, I have also taken on a few projects for around the house, just to spruce it up a bit.  I snatched up this adorable nest at a local craft store without any clue what I would do with it, sometimes that happens!  After a few ideas, I ended up with twine covered eggs, a super simple project that really adds an impact.  
Using Fabri-Tac (my all time favorite glue!) I took a few plastic eggs I had picked up from the dollar store and started gluing.  It takes about 30 minutes to finish one, so put on your favorite show and start spinning.
These can actually be used two ways, if you start at the points of the egg (shown above), then you will end up with a flat bottom and can use each side of the egg as small nests.  If you start gluing at the edge where the opening is (near my thumb) it will end with more of an egg like shape with points. Either way, they are both cute.
photos by monica for our designed life

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