Stylist, Camille Soulayrol

I came across French stylist Camille Soulayrol and fell in love with her home styling right away.  She uses fantastic textures, colors and materials to create homey looks with a touch of glamor.

As a vegetarian, these are a set of antlers I could get behind!  The use of natural woods and fibers, this room would make for a perfect reading spot.  And how lovely is the wooden wainscoting!  I love the natural look, the wood grain is amazing.
I have had a thing with over sized letters lately, and this e would be a fun addition.  How do you feel about using the alphabet and symbols as decor?  I think as long as it doesn't go overboard, why not. 
Wooden ring wall!  Every year I always grab a few rings from the Christmas tree lot that they are throwing away anyway.  This would be a wonderful way of using the holiday scrap wood, as long as it was treated of course!
And for the holiday's this would be so fun in lieu of a live tree.  Who knew a little sparkly paper could make a Christmas tree look so glamorous.

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