Project 365, Week 18

Shades of blue, 128/365
The new {used} bookshelf before its fresh coat of paint.  When we bought it, the owner said she thought it would never sell because of the color and size.  Paint makes everything better.
 Worried, 127/365
I really do see faces in almost everything now.  And I've got everyone else seeing them too.  This one was too good to pass up, in the middle of moving tons of dirt {literally} the wheel barrel looked a little worried I wouldn't finish.
 Why aren't we playing?, 126/365
Uli doesn't seem to grasp the importance of packing.  Instead she keeps begging to play ball and gives a super sad face when I say no.  Man she's smart.
 Words, 125/365
I've never been good at scrabble, I'm the one who plays 2 and 3 letter words... and then my cousin busted out QI.  Good one.
 City beauty, 124/365
  Love the color combo.  
 Harvested, 123/365
Plucked a head of lettuce from the garden.  It actually dripped water from the inside, talk about healthy!
 Vintage, 122/365
Broke out the ol vinyl collection one last time before we leave the player behind for a bit, from The Beatles to Michael Jackson, everything sounds better with grooves. 

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