Who doesn't love a squirrel?

I've always loved little animal figurines and my small collection of tiny statutes is starting to get a little out of control.  But, how could you not love these little door stops?  Currently, my collection is all things brass, but this patina-ed little guy is a perfect addition don't you think?  I saw it a few months back in the At west end catalog and pulled it for a 'when you want to buy me something' file... every time a birthday or gift giving holiday rolls around, my mind always goes blank!   Anyway, this first one is sold out {really!?} so I will have to keep my eyes peeled for when it comes back in.
 At west end is calling their door stop a little Chipmunk, but I found this one, which looks almost identical minus the color {and for cheaper} at Mod Cloth.  Its a squirrel, not a chipmunk.  I'm still thinking the green one is better for our decor, but hey, not every one loves a patina.
 And just because I can't stop at door stops, these little 'hide and seek' guys will add that perfect punch of humor and whimsy to any wall.  Plus, the bright white will look fantastic on darker walls.  Might have to pick these guys up too over at Imm Living.  I wonder if the dog will go crazy for all animal figurines, or if she's picky as to who her friends are.
photos via corresponding shops

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