Mother nature at its finest

Do you ever just sit and ponder?  I love to sit and watch the world go by me, there are so many fascinating things to take in, from people to adorable pups, flowers and fantastically colored animals, there is always something wonderful to take in, like this amazingly detailed image from one seriously patient photographer.  Taken in Costa Rica, this hummingbird has such fine details you would think it was fake.  I love all the purples, greens and blues in the feather details... and I've always thought when all else fails, follow mother nature.  You can find lovely color combinations in every natural aspect of life, where do you gather your color inspiration from?
photo via no1chrism
Reminds me of this dramatic bedroom.  Using deep purples, blues and pale yellow the room feels luxurious and glamours yet still natural.  
photo source unknown, if you know the link, please share!

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