Over the weekend

What a long and tiring weekend we had.  On Saturday,my husband and I attended the 2011 Bicycle Music Festival, a 100% pedal powered festival that started in the park and meandered down through the city.  It was such a fun experience, I am so glad we were able to find this event, plus it was free.  With so many in the crowd, it was great people watching and the bikes were fantastically designed.
You know its a good time when you walk up to about a hundred people lounging around in Golden Gate Park listening to music, blowing bubbles and juggling.
They actually rode these bikes almost 5 miles, the one on the left is a double decker speaker tree with movable training wheels for balance {the second rider was at least 6' in the air!} and on the right is the moving stage.  One guy actually moved 3 band members, speakers and instruments the entire way.
Thankfully there weren't that many hills getting to the venue, but getting home was a different story.  I love this girl in red's riding expression, just keep pushing!
And the action shot.  Everything is blurry, but thanks to the husband's ability to hold a camera and ride a bike up a hill with a backpack on, I have proof I was in the middle of the craziness.  That's me in the green.
At the ending point, we were treated to even more music and we even managed to find a near by pizza place for a carb fill.  Have you ever participated in a large community event?  It really makes you feel so close to all your neighbors, I highly recommend checking out your local gatherings.  After a long 10 mile trip, Sunday was a little quieter with a trip out to visit with my parents and work in our giant {and totally over grown} garden.  A few pounds of veggies later, we made it home and simply passed out.

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