Project 365, Week 21

Still getting caught up with all my photos, there are so many to go through!  I've tried to make it a habit to always carry a camera around with me, but its hard when you don't want to carry a bag.  Anyway, here is week 21 of the project.  Happy weekend friends!

Flowers and candy, 149/365
I've been setting out my objects and trying out different combinations to find that perfect look.  Since I took this, there is now a red metal tree jewelry stand with a climbing vine.  It needed something don't you think?
 Fishy, 148/365
 City dwelling, 147/365
The view from my living room.  I love the vintage bike against all the white and matching blue tones in the window.  Not to mention the yellow and green, got to love mother natures colors.
 Date night, 146/365
 Pastels, 145/365
I just love the colors of the buildings around here.  From purple to orange and even black and gold, the architecture around here sure is inspiring. {this is a window with a metal bar}
 Vintage, 144/365
 Cones, 143/365

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