Blog Crawl: Summer lovin

Looks like I am going to have to take everyone's word for it on it actually being summer because I'm in rain boots and a flannel today.  Sheesh.  I am playing along with Gallery no. 8 and continuing the summer blog crawl with nothing but love for summer.
For the last few years summer has always meant bike rides, beaches, bathing suits, pool parties and fun foods.  This year has been a little different.  Although I still have bike rides, they are up steep hills and beaches here require jackets.  These are a few of my favorite shots that just ooze summer don't you think?  First up is Uli in the husbands her glasses.  If only I could have gotten these on her while we were sitting poolside at Ace Palm Springs {my favorite little getaway}.  The palms were taken at the end of a nice brisk walk in Venice Beach.  It was always nice to know that this was at the end of my street.
photos by Our designed life
When my brother and I were young, my parents used to take us to theme parks during the summer, specifically Great America in Northern California.  Season passes meant for many days riding coasters and getting soaked on the water rides.  One of the most scary ones for me however was the 'people mover'.  Not exactly sure what these things were called, but they scared the heck out of me.  Guess I've been afraid of heights longer then I thought.  
photo via jana laurene
photo by our designed life
cherries: Our designed life, gelato: Oh joy, sand dollar cookies: Diamonds for dessert 
If you ask me, nothing says summer like cherries and ice cream.  Am I right?  Luckily for me cherries are everywhere around here and I have probably already eaten my weight in them.  And what about that gelato flower cone! Oh how I wish I could devour one, they look so incredibly tasty.  Perhaps one of the easiest summer related find, sand dollar cookies!  These babies would be perfect for any summer party.
photo via pinterest via island oasis
This last summer inspired image just reminds me of all the times the husband and I pulled off the bike path on our way to Santa Monica to catch a ride on a swing.  There really is nothing like swinging beach side.  Such a freeing feeling.  How do you spend your summers?

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