Make this, Snobby Joes and Sweet potato fries

Every once and a while I like to change up my normal dinner routine and last Friday I made an entire meal, dessert included that was completely new to me.   I decided on sweet potato fries from The art of doing stuffSnobby Joes from the Post Punk Kitchen and fruit for dinner.  Oh wow, talk about fun for your taste buds.  The snobby joes are fantastic and I will for sure be making them again.  In fact, the husband and I ate leftovers over the weekend and they still tasted just as good.  The fries on the other hand, where a bit much.  I'm not the biggest sweet potato fry fan but the husband is so I figured I would give them a go minus the dipping sauce.  They are super super sweet and I couldn't really eat too many but my husband loved them.  Dessert was also a bit of a flop, I made these no bake peanut butter and chocolate cookies that seemed amazing but never set.  Turns out the natural peanut butter I used doesn't get hard so I had a cup of chocolaty goo.  2 successes out of 3, not so bad.
photo by our designed life

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oh, hello friend. said...

YUM, I love sweet potato fries!! It was so fun seeing you again friend, it was like old times when you were back in LA ;) Next time I'm up north, we'll have to get together for coffee or something!