Make this, Inside out carrot cake muffins

Whew, I am finally back up on my feet again.  Sunday's insane 22 mile bike ride got my lovely GERD going and I have been feeling queasy ever since.  Such a fun stomach problem, but its finally feeling a bit better.  And what better way to celebrate a happy stomach then filling it with cake.  Ok, perhaps I should wait a day or two, but you don't!
I came across these inside out carrot cake muffins and oh how I want to try them so bad.  They may be the perfect go to dessert for travel since the gooey frosting is actually on the inside so when the tray of cupcakes falls off the seat in the car {what its never happened to you?} they will still be nice and neat.  Seems like a simple recipe and even includes a little experiment with and without cupcake liners... I never know when to and when not to use those little things.  Plus this recipe is slightly better for you then its cousin the layered carrot cake.  Might have to make these guys over the weekend, veganized of course.

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