A peek inside

Our apartment is starting to look more and more like 'us' and thought it was time to start taking a few shots. Of course its been a bit grey lately so things are a bit more darker but as I'm learning, you can't wait around for a sunny day in San Francisco. Though we have a one bedroom place, its large enough to break up the spaces to feel that much bigger. In our living room I've managed to get in a crafting/work space, a seating table space and still have plenty of room for the sofa and giant tv the husband just had to have. By all means its still very much a work in progress, but who doesn't like to peek into others homes right?
A close up of our typing table, a collection of plants, flea market finds and found pieces. Two weeks ago while walking the dog I came across 4 of those glass jars with wooden lids that are identical to my grandmothers cookie jars, my most prized possession.
The giant electric blue bookshelf we rescued from a thrift store got a face lift and is now turned on its side. Of course it was a mere 2 inches too tall for our living room so now its resting under our window. I had asked for shelves to be put in but in the mean time horizontal books make for interesting shelving and nooks.
A few weeks back we went to the native plant sale in Golden Gate park and picked up several ferns, flowers and succulents. Though we are still in the process of finding planters that fit our style and budget, everything is growing like crazy thanks to tons of natural light.
My craft supplies that lead into the living room. Behind this shelf will house a desk like this hopefully one day soon. Until then, I've been using our coffee table and the floor to work and do all things crafty. Never knew how hard it is to do autocad {drafting} on the floor until you have no work space.
Well, you can see the look I get when I try to wake her up and get her off the bed. Anyway, I went with subdued colors in the bedroom and love it. We get to much light in here the grayed hues still seem bright and cheery. The husband and I are still deciding on what type of headboard to add, it will most likely be something we make ourselves.
photos by our designed life


Bows and Sparrows said...

You new home looks lovely!!

Evan said...

I love this house - it's shaping up to be my favorite