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If I could live in soft yoga clothes all day I probably would, but the judging glares thankfully keep it to a minimum out in public. But these handmade wares from Me & D are perfect for any casual outing. I've been looking for something to throw on when I walk to the grocery store, but for some reason the outerwear options around here are either too fancy and thick or just too simple and look like workout clothes. But those hoodies are perfect and have a very unique look making them stand out from the standard zip or button up, plus that blue one can be worn 5 different ways! This Sacramento mother and daughter team has a shop filled with lovely and comfortable wares as well as fun accessories and bags. Be sure to stop by their site as well for all the up to date collections too.
photos via me & d
**And a quick update on the whole need to lose this weight already front, 20 days into my new workout plan I am now into pants that I could barely squeeze into when I left LA last November {tried them on in January and there was no way they were even thinking of buttoning}.  Thinking I need to add that blue hoodie to my closet as a go me present!  I mean, it would be perfect for long walks through the park and that can only lead to more weight loss right?


Katie @ Haute Apple Pie said...

That cream sweatshirt is so cute! Thanks for sharing the finds and way to go you for your workout success!

Monica said...

Thanks Katie! Turns out I like pilates. Who knew.