Happy Weekend

Happy Friday friends. I've had quite a week- filled with lots of driving, bus riding, a trip to the dentist and even a secret mission thrown in for good measure. Whew, good thing I can multitask. But now the weekend is here and I am ready to relax with the husband, how about you? One of my younger cousins is moving into her dorm room tomorrow so I may have a house full afterward since its only a mile away. Suppose my cleaning gloves will be my best friend today.
And don't you just love this photo!? There may be no funner thing then to put on a pretty dress and spin, every girly girl knows what I'm talking about. I tried my hardest to find a link to an actual source, perhaps one of the only downfalls to Pinterest, but came up with zero.
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Keighley@FancyHouseRoad said...

1. Love the twirl image
2. I also can't wait to hang out with my husband.
3.I'm going to take 20 seconds and spin.