Little details

Last weekend the husband and I ventured a few blocks for breakfast, and trying to plan ahead, purposefully left shopping bags at home to deter us from shopping. Turns out, that doesn't work. We ended up browsing Urban Bazaar, a shop filled with locally sourced handmade items. I just love stopping by and seeing what's new, the artists in SF sure are talented! We ended up walking home with this collection of cages and hung them immediately {something that almost never happens around here}. I added a few strands of colorful embroidery floss to give it a little something and stuck a few air plants inside.  I just love the natural feel it exudes and it was the perfect corner accessory, even though I need to go back and pick up at least a few more to finish off the look. Now I just need to work on the artwork surrounding it, the painted canvas has been a place holder for quite a while now, oops.
photos by our designed life

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