Make this, Cinnamon roll pull outs

On Sunday after a morning of walking all over the city I had a sudden need for sweets and thought of this crazy concoction from Plain Chicken right away. I came across this recipe for a cinnamon roll pull outs a while ago and couldn't wait to give it a try, and really who would turn down bits of cinnamon roll goodness? Not me. I made sure to stop by and pick up a super fresh loaf of sourdough from our local bakery on the way home and got to work slicing and dicing. 40 minutes later something very similar to this was sitting in front of my husband and I, ready to be devoured. And oh was it. I had to tell my husband to slow down twice just so I could get a few pieces, it was that good. Have you made anything scrumptious lately?
photo via plain chicken


Jean-Marc and Cynthia Fray said...

That looks amazing! I haven't made any sweets lately, but I made a hot tamale pie last night that was super tasty :)


Evan said...

This was so good! highly recommended!